Creating emotional impact

May 25, 3:41 pm

We recently created a short film for St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) which aimed to tell the stories of some of the people who used their services, showing their industry leading approach – encouraging best practice with partner agencies including health professionals, the police and social care – in supporting people who have experienced this kind of trauma.


In order for the participants to feel comfortable disclosing their stories it was important that they remained anonymous. We had to think very carefully about what shots we chose, so as to avoid the traditional ‘pixilated faces’ seen commonly in this kind of film. By making use of natural light, using close up shots of hands and creating light flare effects in post production – we managed to capture a creative, positive look to the film and still keep the participants’ anonymity.

We also talked with our contact at St Mary’s about creating animations to go alongside the interviews, and decided it would be great to arrange for an artist to work with the participants to help them to create some artwork to go alongside the interviews. We worked with local artist and facilitator Lisa Risbec on running these sessions with participants. This helped to relax them before they went on camera and it gave a personal touch to a film which presented such difficult subject matter. It also helped the viewer to see the participants as ‘people’ and not just statistics and added visual interest to the film.

“The nature of our work at St Mary’s Centre requires both sensitivity and creativity.  We have used Seal Films over a number of years to help produce films as part of our training and awareness raising strategy. On each occasion, Seal Films has listened carefully to the brief and responded with creative solutions that both capture the devastating emotional impact sexual violence has on individuals and families as well as encapsulating key information messages that create greater awareness of the services available for both the general public and professionals working in the field.” Charlotte Batra, Training and Development Officer for St Mary’s SARC 

We’ve worked with St Mary’s SARC now for over 5 years now, they do fantastic work and we are really proud to be involved in helping to promote their vital services. Every time we produce a video we are amazed at the strength and positivity of the people who tell their stories, and the positive contributions that the work of St Mary’s SARC has made to their lives.

See our video lounge for examples of the other kinds of work that we do – and please get in touch if you think we can help you to tell your story.