Times they are a changin’

November 4, 5:42 pm

Well we have some exciting news for you, we’ve just taken on a new Seal! We’d like to introduce you to Emma, who kindly answered some questions just so you could get to know her…

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What made you want to join the Seal team?

I graduated in Drama and Film last year and knew I wanted to work for a film / creative media company. The process of media production and content coming together gives you such a buzz and after many internships I knew it was something I wanted to pursue.  When I heard of the position I knew it was something that ticked all the boxes and after researching what seal does / how long they’ve been working I knew it was the kind of company I’d be keen to get involved with!

What’s your favourite animal (apart from Seals of course)

Cats! Preferably black and preferably Chickpea (my cat) I’ve always been seriously into cats, I was that child who ate cat biscuits on the play ground in school! I also love lemurs, after cats they are my spirit animal. I was told at the zoo they hate the cold and will do anything for a bit of sweet potato which pretty much sums me up…

What are a few of your favourite things?
Breakfast is one my favourite things, I regularly go to bed excited about what I’ll have the next morning! I love taking photos, listening to podcasts, walks/exploring new places, social politics and modernism,  coffee, banana bread , cats (obviously) and I’m really into making pompoms at the moment, I find it so relaxing. I recently made a pompom cushion and its of my proudest possessions! Watching Gilmore Girls and making a pompom is an evening well spent!

What kind of sandwich are you?
I think I’d be a Danish rye open sandwich or Smørrebrød one half with smashed avocado and some form of duck egg and the other with any nut butter and smashed banana – eaten in that order.
Or failing that a falafel wrap.

Do you have a favourite movie?
I have several and it really depends what I’m in the mood for. Drive and Spirited Away are great, I love Kevin Spacey so American Beauty and Usual Suspects are always up there. I also really love the Labyrinth, I seemed to watch it every day in summer growing up! And finally completely unapologetically and unashamedly I will always have a soft spot for Bridget Jones.

Anything else you want to say

You can find her hanging out on Instagram @emmathomasina